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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

In July 2021, we were so pleased to see the official opening of the new CAN Health Health Clinic in Sipchet in the Tsum Valley.

At an altitude of over 8000 feet, deep into the Himalayas, this small farming village is incredibly isolated. The community here began working with CAN to develop plans for a health clinic over three years ago, with construction finally beginning earlier this year after being delayed by the pandemic.

Last month, our Health Supervisor, Alija Shahi, officially opened the health clinic, joined by some of the local villagers who performed an opening ceremony with tea and dancing. The CAN staff also handed out packets of seeds and farming equipment.

We were also pleased to see the opening of another health post in Nile, during the second half of 2020.

These health posts cost around £40,000 to complete, and involve a significant contribution from the locals in terms of their time and skills. The materials are sourced locally, including wood from the surrounding forests, and sand excavated from the rivers running through the valley.

The use of local labour and materials ensures that the residents are able to maintain and repair this building themselves, which not only saves money but also significantly reduces dependency on outside support.

The clinics consist of three rooms and two WC's. There is a treatment room, a purpose built birthing-room, and a room for the nurses accommodation with kitchen. There is also a small garden, where the nurses can grow organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sipchet health post will be staffed by nurse Susmita Rai, who will be joined by a health assistant in a couple of months. The women of the village will be given access to family-planning support, a safe place to give birth and pre and post-natal care. The whole village will be supported in developing and maintaining healthier lifestyles too.

If you would like to help support CAN in delivering life-changing projects such as this, then please do get in touch. There's so many ways that you can support us, and every little really does help.

Namaste and thank you!

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