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CAN has long supported education and has a strong track record of both building schools and supporting the salaries of teachers. In the last 25 years CAN has supported 17 schools.

CAN is keen to promote and support education in rural Nepal but does not interfere with the curriculum or teaching methods. CAN has installed a library in all schools it has/is supporting for the benefits of pupils and wider community.

CAN currently supports two schools in North Gorkha at Chumling and Yarchu by providing the salaries of three teachers. We also support a school for deaf children in Manakamana in Gorkha . We also support a similar project at Bahrabise in the Sindulpolchok district. The schools CAN has supported have created safe, warm and dry learning environments for young children, as well as providing food and, in some cases, accommodation.

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This page is currently under construction and will be updated with more details very soon.

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