Fundamentally, health is now CAN’s core mission and sector.


CAN builds and operates health posts in rural locations and aims to set up and operate the health post until it is well established within the community. At the point where either road access becomes available or the Government can take over, CAN will transition the health post from being a private run charity facility to a government run facility. This process can take anywhere between 5 – 15 years.

CAN is currently operating 14 health posts across 5 rural regions of Nepal. We are focusing our health care service into the remote valleys of Tsum and Nubri in North Gorkha. Over the next 5 years we aspire to run and develop a comprehensive health service that will serve over 100,000 rural villagers living in one of the most isolated regions of the world. We have requests to support the construction of 7 new health facilities within 5 years.