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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

On 21st August 2021, our nurse from the Bihi Healthpost, Kopila Panta, trekked with our agriculture technicians, Sharmila Jirel, our health assistant Husal Gurung, and a government health official, Cheten Deki, to Serang Gumpa to provide a second dose of vaccinations to the nuns and monks.

They delivered sixty-six doses of Covid-19 vaccine to nuns and monks aged between eighteen and fifty five, all of whom live at the Gumpa. A 'gumpa' is a fairly imprecise term used to describe buildings that house Buddhist monks, nuns and students. Sometimes they are places where people live, and sometimes they are just places where people learn Buddhist teachings or meditate.

The Sarang Gumpa was a seven and a half hour trek, uphill, from Bihi village, in the Nubri Valley. It has an altitude of 3000 metres, or 9800 feet.

This is just one more of the important responsibilities of our team of nurses, health assistants and agriculture experts. They travel long distances to reach remote villages in order to deliver life-changing interventions.

We want to thank Kopila, Sharmila and Husal for their amazing work last week. 🙏

It costs around £4000 a year to continue providing the services of one nurse in these regions. Every donation we receive goes towards helping us deliver these life-changing services to the remote villages - so if you'd like to help us support nurses like Kopila, please get in touch with us at for more information.

Namaste and thank you for reading!

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Dec 24, 2021

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