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Update on Nile and Chule Health Post!

Construction on the new health post at the villages of Nile and Chule is progressing well. The combined team of CAN Engineers, skilled craftsmen from Tsum valley and the local villagers have been working hard to progress construction during the challenging monsoon weather.

Our construction team is delighted to report that the walls are almost complete and the roof will be constructed shortly. The building will be a great example of earthquake resilient design, utilising traditional construction methods and materials. We believe it’s vitally important to preserve these traditional building methods and the vernacular architecture of the remote valleys of the Himalaya. As well as being more sustainable, this construction ethos supports the local economy and protects a way of life that has survived for hundreds of years, but which is increasingly under threat by improving access to new materials (such as concrete). 

Currently, the nearest health post from Nile is a four hour walk from Nile, which can be difficult for older residents and those suffering serious illness. When the health post is complete, the local communities of Nile and Chule will have immediate access to universal health care and medicine for the first time in its history.

The project is due for completion in November. We look forward to monitoring progress over the coming weeks and months.

If you are interested in supporting this projects and others please follow the link.

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