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Covid-19 Response in Nepal, June 2020

The world still continues to comes to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst things appear to be improving in the UK and Europe we have yet to see the worst in Asia, Africa and South America. We are pleased to report that all our staff, both in Nepal and the UK remain unaffected by the C-19 virus and we remain vigilant and proactive in ensuring all our staff are working safely and have the correct knowledge and PPE to carry out their duties. Our brave nurses continue to remain at their health posts to continue the critical role in providing medicines and health care in the remote mountains. We have stocked up all our health posts with additional medicines and PPE in anticipation of any localised outbreaks. We are pleased to report that no cases have been identified within the remote valleys that CAN operates. We continue to work closely with our Operations Director in Nepal, Murari Gautam, to ensure that systems and resources remain in place to try to keep our staff safe as possible and go on delivering essential healthcare in mountain communities. Best regards and many thanks for your continued support, Doug Scott and the CAN team


  • ​Kathmandu office is now partially opened for 1-2 hours a day only for staff members who require access to printing and secure documents.

  • Social distancing and additional cleaning is in place. All other staff are working from home.

  • Daily updates from Health Post nurses, gathering status updates from villages

  • Working with local municipalities to prepare prevention and contingency plans

  • Stocked rural Health Posts with additional medicines and PPE

  • Reviewing food supply chains and ensuring basic food stocks are maintained in rural communities

  • Nurses have carried out ‘Corona Health Awareness Programme’ in local communities to educate on the benefits of hand washing and social distancing

  • All staff salaries paid throughout the pandemic


  • 13,564 official confirmed cases

  • 29 official confirmed deaths

  • 3,194 official recovered

  • 10,341 official active cases

  • Border closed, no entry by air

  • Trekking an climbing season cancelled

  • Public gatherings  and transport prohibited although many active protests taking place throughout Nepal

  • Partial business reopening’s and lifting of lockdown restrictions

  • Limited ability for testing

  • Limited PPE and medical supplies

  • Further limitations in rural areas

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our donors and followers for their support. Your encouragement and donations are truly making a difference to our communities in Nepal right now - we are all very grateful.

With much love,

From Doug and the team at Community Action Nepal.

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