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Dropping out the sky for CAN!

Long time CAN volunteer and supporter Linda Middleton has recently completed an exhilarating skydive on the 7th July, raising a fantastic £1,254.63.

Linda describes her experience;

“The weather was perfect clear blue skies and I had fabulous views of the Island of Jersey and France. The plane took us to a height of 10,000 feet before we jumped from the side of the plane. The free fall lasted for 30 seconds before the parachute opened.

“I was so nervous before the jump, but once out of the plane it was just amazing. Falling through the sky at over 135 miles an hour is really noisy but just exhilarating. Once the parachute opens its all quiet and I felt like a bird flying through the sky. My Instructor Mally pointed out to me a Jet2 passenger plane waiting on the runway below us, he said that it was waiting for us to land before it could take off. How cool was that!

“Doing a skydive took me right out of my comfort zone but it also has been one of the best experiences of my life. A big thank you to everyone who sponsored me for CAN”

CAN would like to say a huge thank you to Linda and we look forward to hearing about her next adventure! If you are interested in raising money for CAN please follow our link to fundraising on the website.


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