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The Milton's Virtual Everest Challenge 2020

We received an offline entry for the Community Action Nepal Virtual Everest Challenge today. It was emailed to us as a full and rather wonderful story, starring the Milton's & the Younger KB's. We don't wish to single out individual contributions because we value each and every one of the virtual summits equally - but we want to share this one so that you can all enjoy their grand adventure!


Enter ‘Team Milton & the Younger KB’s’

Team members: Thalia Milton / Granny of indeterminable age

Elliott KB age 5

Lucas KB age 3

Training in the local woods

The younger members of the team are ready for the ‘off’ and as you can see it’s a serious business!

There is concern regarding the wellies and their suitability ….

Crevasse crossing on the Khumbu Glacier

Tough going on the wobbly ladders – but the youngsters held their nerve!

Now it’s – up up up ……

(tricky when you live in a bungalow, but the loft ladder came into its own)

The intrepid team battled on and on ……………………………….

Fingers and toes became cold – those wellies just didn’t help!

Oh, here comes Granny at last! Not quite as nimble as the youngsters, but a wise old owl who can relate stories of the original 1975 Everest Expedition from Doug and Chris’s memoirs.

The Summit at last!

Back at Base Camp

The youngest member of the team is a little traumatised by the experience, however Marmite & marmalade sandwiches appear to help the situation!

And for granny a well-earned G & T with chocolates!

Well done guys!! Congratulations on your summit!! Thank you so much for your support!!

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