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School Health Initiative in Chumling

One of the CAN supported schools in Chumling, The Siddha Ganesh School has launched a fantastic health initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the teachers, Prasika Mahat, has been giving coaching classes, hand washing training and social distancing workshops to the students to help promote a healthier, safer way of attending school.

These life-saving skills will then be passed on by the children to their families, which will naturally encourage healthier lifestyles throughout the community.

Recently, a CAN lab technician, Buddha Gurung, collected twenty-six villagers swabs and sent them for the PCR (polymerase chain-reaction) test. All the results came back negative, which is amazing news. There hasn't been a single case of COVID-19 within the community and the village is strictly sealed from outside visitors. 

Congratulations and enormous thanks to Prasika and Buddha for helping to minimise the impact of this virus and for protecting the whole community from infection.

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