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New Health Post in Nile, Tsum Valley

We are really delighted to announce that a new seismic-resistant health post at Nile (3,361m) at the head of the Tsum Valley has now been completed.

The completed health post in Nile, opening July 16th.

The health post will be fully equipped and stocked with medicines with good quality accommodation for the CAN Nurse. The health post will be operational from the 16th of July 2020.

It was in spring 2018 that Doug and CAN Trustees had a very positive meeting about the village’s health needs, with local people agreeing to make land available free of charge and to meet a proportion of the total costs by volunteering their time and providing timber and stone (known as 'shramdan').

The site of the Nile health post in 2018, before work commenced.

CAN’s Engineer Keshab and Overseer Narayan have worked closely with the community at all stages of the project and supported local people and skilled craftsman at Nile to make their stamp on the building. CAN looks forward to delivering primary health care in this remote mountain village and working in partnership with the villagers in the years to come.

Well done to all involved in completing this fantastic health-post and to all of our supporters for enabling this project to happen.

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