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Flooding & Landslides in Bahrabise

There has been continuous rain in Nepal for the last few days and the people of Nepal are suffering from frequent flooding and landslides in many regions.  

The CAN supported Bahrabise school and hostel have been badly affected by flooding of Bhotekoshi river on Friday July 10th 2020. Had it rained for a few more hours, it is our belief that the school, hostel and mushroom farm would have experienced serious damage, but fortunately the rain subsided and Bhotekoshi river levels dropped to safer levels on Saturday 11th. The school and hostel are safe for now, but rain is forecast for the next few days. We will keep you all posted as soon as we hear any more news.

CAN has contacted various sites in Milareppa, Melamchi and Kutumsang; to date, these places remain safe and have not been seriously affected by flooding or landslides.

We send our warmest thoughts and wishes to all those affected, and CAN is primed and ready to respond to any new emergencies.

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