Re-Construction project reports

Big Lottery Fund Programme Report: Sanjeev Singh, who is responsible for overseeing all Big Lottery Funded projects, has prepared another video which serves as a Progress Report of work undertaken by CAN in the period November 2016 to April 2017. This visual record has been posted on YouTube and can be viewed below.  CAN is very grateful to Sanjeev for supporting their projects through his abilities as a camera man. CAN is also extremely grateful to the BLF for its financial support enabling the training projects to go ahead. 


Health Posts and Market Gardens Sanjeev Singh, CAN Nepal's member of staff responsible for the Project Management of the Big Lottery Funded projects in North Gorkha sent, on Thursday 23 March 2017, an interesting video of some of the work which is being undertaken at Bihi and Prok.  Other communities in North Gorkha will also benefit including Lhi, Lho and Samagoan. 

CAN would like to stress its gratitude the Big Lottery Fund for supporting this scheme and the development of market gardens and growing of fresh vegetables. 

To see Sanjeev's video via YouTube click the link below: 

Site Preparation - Melamchi: Murari forwarded the office two images, one showing members of the community hard at work preparing the road linking the village to the school/hostel site and the second showing the road as it neared completion. Once this linking road has been completed [and hopefully before the monsoon sets in] it will be possible to transport all the materials needed for the next stage in the reconstruction of the school and the school hostels. 

Members of Melamchi community digging out the new road in the village

Members of Melamchi community digging out the new road in the village

Completed road at Melamchi

Completed road at Melamchi

Schools Keshab Adhikari, CAN Nepal's Civil Engineer, who is responsible for reconstruction, now writes a regular report which we keep posting on the website. These reports come in almost on a weekly basis and his latest update, written on the 27th July, can be read by clicking this link.

Keshab's earlier reports can be accessed here:

Report to 9th July click here

Report to 30 June click here.

Report to 20 June can be read here by clicking this link. 

Report for April 2017 can be read by clicking the link here - updated images of progress can be viewed towards the bottom of his report.

Report for 10 March 2017  you can read by clicking here

Keshab always includes some very interesting photographs of the project sites especially the schools at Birendra and Bahrabise. It is also very exciting to see construction well under way at Ghunsa school as well as the image of the  footings for the demonstration home. The latter is another initiative funded by the Big Lottery Fund.