CAN Philosophy

Our work is totally driven by the needs of the mountain people of Nepal.

When we agree to undertake a project it is at the request of the communities themselves – we don’t impose our ideas, we just listen and then help them achieve what they feel they need.

We aim to ensure that all of our projects are fully sustainable as we maintain an ongoing and indefinite commitment.

Local people are involved from the design stage, to completion and then beyond.

To avoid donor dependency and to encourage a sense of ownership and responsibility for all projects we insist on the active involvement and commitment from the villagers. We ask them to contribute the equivalent of one third of the project’s needs through the provision of labour, expertise and local material.

We try to not only help the people of Nepal, but to also help them, help themselves – an example of this is the work of our commercial arm – Community Action Treks.

Wherever and whenever possible we will always work in a spirit of cooperation with other organisations seeking to assist the people of Nepal – for example; Surgery in Nepal, Porter”s Progress and the International Porter Protection Group.

Fundamentally, we feel strongly that all of our projects are a joint effort between the mountain people of Nepal and CAN – we believe we are one community.