The image above shows CAN Trustee Cara Buchan with CAN nurse, Ishwori Aryal

CAN’s professional partner, WYG have been incredibly generous in providing the charity with used laptops.

The laptops are cleaned, wiped and sent to CAN for use by nurses in remote parts of Nepal. By providing consistent and reliable computer equipment in these isolated communities CAN is able to achieve the following:

  • Set the laptops up with reporting templates and spreadsheets to aid CAN nurses in capturing vital statistics and data that can be used to inform medical trends and analysis for the region. This information can be used, over time, to measure the impact of medical care in rural locations.

  • Provide access to telemedicine - where WiFi is available - which will allow nurses gain second opinions and guidance from trained doctors remotely. This is helpful where the diagnosis is complex and challenging.

  • Develop the professional development of the nurses by giving them connectivity to other medical professionals and peers.

  • Through the use of same specifications and brand of laptop it allows the team in Kathmandu to carry out periodic maintenance and ensures all laptops are fitted with the same software and templates.

What many people don’t realise is that a CAN nurse can spend up to two years living and working in these remote locations, far away from friends and family. To allow them another means of connecting with the outside world, both professionally and personally, is a huge boost for morale and motivation.

CAN Nepal’s Operations Director commented:

“The CAN team is very grateful and thankful to WYG. The laptops will be used to provide vital telemedicine as well as improve data capture in the remote Himalaya. If we are able to provide a network of laptops across the whole region CAN will be able to monitor and evaluate the impact of their health care in this very isolated part of the world.”