Doug and Trish are always delighted to visit the Milarepa community for not only do they receive a warm welcome but the village headman, Namgan rewards their visit with a jar of honey extracted from combs in hives within the walls above the village. The honey is delicious!

Namgan, has supported his village over the years and, following the earthquake, generously donated land with the intention it would be used to develop a fruit plantation as part of an agricultural income generation scheme. 

A few days ago Murari sent through the images below to show that the Milarepa income generation scheme is moving forward. 

Patch of ground being prepared below the Health Post

Patch of ground being prepared below the Health Post

The land which is about 400 metres below the existing Health Post has been ploughed and will be planted with lemons (50 plants), oranges (55 plants), Pears (ten trees) and Avocados (ten plants). The images below show Namgan collecting the fruit tree order from a plant centre in Kathmandu.

Plant purchases 1 36674172_10215243170968363_5860696425460924416_n.jpg

Namgan making the plant selection 

Plant purchases 2 36679925_10215243170688356_4237110740743356416_n.jpg

Plants waiting to be collected

Plant purchases 3 36709307_10215243171048365_8238991676077506560_n.jpg

Namgan preparing to return to Milarepa to begin planting