As the countdown to the 2018 UIAA Mountain Protection Award nominations begins CAN is delighted to be the recipient of the award for Best Runner-Up 2017. The ceremony takes place at the Annapurna Hotel in Kathmandu on Saturday 24 March at 18:00. 

Quoting from the UIAA website: 

"The UIAA Mountain Protection Award (MPA) was created in 2013. During its six years of existence, the annual UIAA award has made a tangible difference to mountain lives, communities and the environment. 

The award has enabled people to raise finances to build key infrastructures, conduct vital research and fulfil pending goals; dually it has provided an international showcase and communication platform for projects to raise awareness and exchange ideas and initiatives. Not only has it supported local communities, it has fostered its own global community. 

CAN was judged to be the Best Runner Up in recognition of all the work it does helping to improve the lives of the mountain people of Nepal through the "development of 'grass roots' health posts, schools, community development and income generation projects".  

It is very fitting that the award ceremony for the 2017 is taking place in Kathmandu in the year when CAN has been judged to be a worthy runner up. Representatives from CAN Nepal will be present at the ceremony although Doug Scott, founder of the charity and former UIAA Management Committee member, is not able to be present.