In early January 2017 the CAN office was contacted by Trevor Braham's sons who wished to offer their father's extensive book collection to the charity so they could be sold for CAN's benefit. They knew their father would no longer be able to enjoy the library he had collected over a lifetime of climbing as, at the age of 96, he was being cared for in a nursing home near where he had lived in Switzerland. 

Trevor was a great mountaineer, author and Vice-President of the Himalayan Club (1958 - 1965) and Honorary Editor of the Himalayan Journal (1957 - 1959). His book 'When The Alps Cast Their Spell' won the Boardman Tasker Price in 2004. Trevor was also a long-time supporter of CAN.

Doug asked his old friend Tony Astill if he would be interested in managing the collection on CAN's behalf but first .......... how to get the collection back to the UK from Switzerland? Following an urgent appeal on the Alpine Club forum AC member, Roger Murray en route home from a skiing holiday, kindly volunteered to have his car laden with the books and, with barely room for his own kit, brought them all back to London. 

Tony has now had time to collect and catalogue them all. If you are interested in the list please email

CAN is very grateful to Trevor and to his sons, Michael and Anthony for their generosity - we now just have to help Tony sell the collection who has also been very supportive in the process!