LAUNCH of Doug's new book 'THE OGRE - Biography of a mountain and the dramatic story of the first ascent'

On Saturday, 18th November, at the KENDAL MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL in the Basecamp Village, Doug's new book will be launched. Come for 10:30, meet up with Doug for the grand launch at 11:00 am. 


Doug was interviewed a few days ago by his publishers and this has been published on their website and can be read here.

Nicholas Hellen, Social Affairs Editor for The Sunday Times, published an extremely interesting article 'The Untold rescue of top climbers from icy jaws of the Ogre' in the last edition, dated November 12, 2017. 

Nicholas describes the ascent of The Ogre as 'one of the greatest mountaineering survival tales never told. Forty years after Sir Chris Bonington and Doug Scott, CBE, the British climbers, crawled to safety in an eight-day Himalayan epic, the full story of their ordeal has emerged in diaries and tape recordings from beyond the grave'. 

To read Nicholas's article click here although you may have to subscribe to The Times on a temporary basis to read the article in full.