CAN's Patron Sir Chris Bonington, along with Doug and other supporters of the Sherpa Heritage House project, were invited to The Prince of Wales's 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration through their close involvement in helping Pertemba Sherpa restore his ancestral home in Khumjung.

When HRH Prince Charles undertook his first trek in Nepal, along the aptly named Royal Trek, he was guided by Pertemba Sherpa who, among his many accomplishments has climbed Everest three times including the first ascent of Everest by a British team in 1975. The team, which was led by Chris Bonington, put Doug Scott and Dougal Haston on top of the world - a mountaineering feat in its own right. 

Scroll forward three decades to 2006 when Pertemba undertook to preserve his ancestral home in order to save the culture and heritage of the Sherpas. He was very concerned that in a fast changing world younger generations of Sherpas would grow up without any knowledge of their old ways of living.

Pertemba donated his ancestral home, the oldest house in Khumjung, which is built in the traditional Sherpa style using slate and stone with carved doors, windows and furniture. The house comprises two wings joined at right angles to each other - the living wing for accommodation and the religious wing for prayer which also houses statues, sacred texts, Buddhist emblems and other artifacts. 

HRH Prince Charles agreed to be the Patron of the Sherpa Heritage House project and a fund raising committee, spear headed by Doug, Chris and Maggie Burgess was set up. Following a successful campaign sufficient funds were raised to enable Pertemba's home to be rebuilt (2012) as a living museum to reflect the old Sherpa lifestyle connecting the people, their livestock, their religion and the mountains. A second building, the nearby tea house was also renovated as the profits from this enterprise would go toward the upkeep and maintenance of the Heritage House. 

 Buckingham Palace: The Prince of Wales's 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration. HRH Prince Charles with Sir Chris Bonington and Pertemba Sherpa.

Buckingham Palace: The Prince of Wales's 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration. HRH Prince Charles with Sir Chris Bonington and Pertemba Sherpa.

Sadly, during the 2015 earthquakes the Heritage House suffered severe damage but Pertemba was adamant he did not want there to be any restoration work until homes in his community had been rebuilt and friends and neighbours had roofs over their heads once again. This year, three years after the earthquake and following a substantial rebuilding of houses in Khumjung, Pertemba agreed to proceed and plans were drawn up and costed  - £185,000.

Following several very generous donations earlier this year there remains a shortfall of £39,000 and consideration is currently being given how to take the fund raising campaign forward.  Doug and Trish visited Khumjung last month and took the image below which shows the earthquake damage and the task ahead.  

IMG_3823 SHH May 2018 showing earthquake damage resized for the website.JPG

Michael Bromfield: Notes from a Nomad - Leonard Cohen and the Deaf Children at Bahrabise

Ever since Doug was approached 18 years ago by Bhoj Raj to build a school for deaf children all of us at CAN hold the Shree Sindu School for the Deaf at Bahrabise close to our hearts.

Over the years this development of a safe haven providing education, with a strong emphasis on the vocational element, has sparked interest from around the world. 

 'Old' school building badly damaged in the earthquake on the left with the new classrooms and hostel accommodation on the right.

'Old' school building badly damaged in the earthquake on the left with the new classrooms and hostel accommodation on the right.

One of the school's most generous benefactors is Michael Bromfield who, through the generosity of his family trust. has supported the rebuilding to a very high specification. 

As well as wanting to give something back to a remote mountain community in gratitude for 30 years of walking in remote areas Michael also wanted to reflect the joy the singer, Leonard Cohen had brought him as Michael walked his way around the Himalaya. As a result the dormitory block has been dedicated 'In the memory of the Canadian Poet, Writer and Singer Leonard Cohen, Citizen of the world and an inspiration to so many' with two quotations from his songs below: 

"I greet you from the other side of sorrow and despair, with a love so vast and shattered it will reach you everywhere" 

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in"

Michael has written a very moving blog post which can be accessed here. Included in the blog are comments written by Doug following his recent visit in May 2018. 

Michael and Doug are pictured below at the Himalayan Trust's 10th Anniversary Lecture held at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 23 May.



News came through earlier today (1 May) that Neil Laughton and the Everest Dinner 2018 team successfully hosted the world's highest black tie dinner party on the North Col of Everest at 7070m (23,129ft). 

 Neil (standing) and the rest of the team at a rehearsal dinner at Everest Base Camp at the end of April. 

Neil (standing) and the rest of the team at a rehearsal dinner at Everest Base Camp at the end of April. 

Temperatures were considerably colder on the North Col, recorded at -25C (-13F), but the dress code of black tie and ballgowns was strictly obeyed. Everyone enjoyed a 3-course dinner prepared by Michelin starred chef, Sat Bains before toasting Her Majesty with GH Mumm champagne - just before it started to freeze! 

Doug will be congratulating the team personally when he meets them in Kathmandu on 5 May. 

Everest Dinner 2018 are raising funds for CAN, not just for the post-earthquake reconstruction work which is reaching completion, but also to help fund new initiatives in North Gorkha.  They have set a magnificent target of £100,000 for CAN so, for more information and to donate please click here: 

As fund raisers go to host a dinner party in the rarified atmosphere of the North Col is one of the more unusual and everyone at CAN is thrilled that everything has worked out and the team are safe and now on their way back to Kathmandu. With sincere thanks to everyone who not only took part but also has given their support. 


As we are sure many people are aware, with effect from 25 May 2018 new legislation will be in place - the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that much valued friends and supporters of CAN need to give permission for CAN UK to keep their name, addresses (email and postal) and personal details on our databases.

We want you to be able to continue receiving our newsletters and updates so please download CAN's  GDPR acceptance form - access here - and return it to the CAN office as soon as possible.

Your information is not shared with anybody else or used for any other purpose.




Phil Powell, CAN Trustee has organised two concerts in support of CAN with a wonderful quartet of musicians coming together to play contemporary choral works. With the organisation of these Concerts for CAN Phil has added 'impresario' to his many talents as he particularly wanted to showcase the stupendous talent of these musicians as well as bring the haunting music they play to a wider audience. Please come along and support this venture. 

The quartet of musicians include Swiss violinist and contemporary composer Paul Giger, counter-tenor David James, harpsichord artist Marie Louise Dahler and percussionist Pudi Lehmann. 

Paul Giger has worked as a soloist since 1983 playing Baroque, contemporary composition, improvisaton, jazz and music of diverse folk traditions. Paul is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso who has worked with Jan Garbarek, Pierre Favre and the Hilliard Ensemble. Six of his albums have been released on ECM who consider him to be "easily one of the greatest violinists of our time" and a composer who has "created some of the most haunting music to ever grace your ears."

David James, counter-tenor has enjoyed an international career as a soloist and ensemble singer. He was a founder-member of the Hilliard Ensemble performing medieval, renaissance and contemporary works by Arvo Part, James MacMillan and Jan Garbarek. 

Friday, 20 April: The CAMBRIDGE CONCERT will be held in Trinity College Chapel, CB2 1TQ and tickets can be booked through Cambridge Live

Cambridge Live contact number: 01223 357851

Time: 8:00 pm 

Saturday, 21 April: The OXFORD CONCERT will be held at SJE Arts based at St John the Evangelist Church on the Iffley Road, OX4 1EH. Tickets can be booked through Oxford Contemporary Arts.

Oxford Contemporary Music contact number: 01865 484777 and tickets: 01865 305305

Time: 7:30 pm 

Tickets will be available on the door at both venues. 

Proceeds from the concert will be for CAN. There is also the opportunity to purchase Himalayan mountain prints signed by Sir Chris Bonington, Doug Scott, Reinhold Messner and Stephen Venables


CAN is absolutely delighted to be able to report that their newest Trustee and WYG Senior Architect, Cara Buchan is a joint-winner of the Young Consultant of the Year Award and she received her accolade from HRH The Duke of Gloucester, KG, GCVO, at the prestigious British Expertise International Awards 2018 ceremony on Thursday 12th April. His Royal Highness is President of British Expertise International (BEI).  

The BEI Award recognises the work of the best and brightest on the international stage and provides a platform for leading organisations in the professional services sector to showcase the most outstanding of their overseas projects.

As a Project Architect, Cara specialises in hazardous and challenging international environments, including post-disaster recovery and resilience. For the past eighteen months Cara has been fundamental to WYG's support for CAN's reconstruction in the rural Himalaya following the 2015 earthquakes. 

Cara has been overseeing the design of multiple projects, utilising UK and international seismic experience to provide technical scrutiny and quality assurance to CAN thus ensuring donor funding is spent appropriately and ethically. Throughout this work Cara has advocated for local vernacular architecture and building methods, sensitively incorporating architectural and engineering details to improve safety and resilience of her projects. 


 BEI Award Ceremony 2018: From left to right - Paul Labbett, Cara Buchan and Glyn Utting 

BEI Award Ceremony 2018: From left to right - Paul Labbett, Cara Buchan and Glyn Utting 


The ceremony took place on the 24 March at the Hotel Annapurna in Kathmandu. With the Operations Director, Murari Gautam over in the UK for the Trustees' Meeting CAN was delighted that one of CAN's Project Managers, Sanjeev Singh was able to receive the Runners-up Award on behalf of CAN. 

 Sanjeev receiving the UIAA Award from Mr Pier Giorgio Oliveti, UIAA Board Member, who joined the Board in place of retiring Board Member, Doug Scott. 

Sanjeev receiving the UIAA Award from Mr Pier Giorgio Oliveti, UIAA Board Member, who joined the Board in place of retiring Board Member, Doug Scott. 

Sanjeev made a short speech of thanks and showed a video of CAN projects which was well received. Also present were Frits Vrijlandt, President of the UIAA and Caroline Adler a member of the UIAA Mountain Protection Commission who were all very impressed with CAN's application and even suggested that CAN should make a further application in 2018. 

DSC_1016 Sanjeev holding the UIAA Award certificate.JPG

The UIAA have published CAN's application for the award which is available here.


As the countdown to the 2018 UIAA Mountain Protection Award nominations begins CAN is delighted to be the recipient of the award for Best Runner-Up 2017. The ceremony takes place at the Annapurna Hotel in Kathmandu on Saturday 24 March at 18:00. 

Quoting from the UIAA website: 

"The UIAA Mountain Protection Award (MPA) was created in 2013. During its six years of existence, the annual UIAA award has made a tangible difference to mountain lives, communities and the environment. 

The award has enabled people to raise finances to build key infrastructures, conduct vital research and fulfil pending goals; dually it has provided an international showcase and communication platform for projects to raise awareness and exchange ideas and initiatives. Not only has it supported local communities, it has fostered its own global community. 

CAN was judged to be the Best Runner Up in recognition of all the work it does helping to improve the lives of the mountain people of Nepal through the "development of 'grass roots' health posts, schools, community development and income generation projects".  

It is very fitting that the award ceremony for the 2017 is taking place in Kathmandu in the year when CAN has been judged to be a worthy runner up. Representatives from CAN Nepal will be present at the ceremony although Doug Scott, founder of the charity and former UIAA Management Committee member, is not able to be present. 


Murari Gautam, CAN Nepal's Operation' Director, is today - 9th March - on his way to the UK for a two week visit for talks with Doug and to meet CAN UK Trustees at their Spring meeting scheduled for Friday, 16th March. 

 Murari making his farewells to his family before leaving home.  Have suitcase will travel!!!

Murari making his farewells to his family before leaving home.

Have suitcase will travel!!!

 Murari with his wife and family before setting off for the airport and the UK

Murari with his wife and family before setting off for the airport and the UK

Joining Murari on his visit will be Keshab Adhikari, CAN Nepal's Project Engineer and Suman Thapa Magar, CAN Nepal's Project Sub-Engineer and Overseer.

Keshab is responsible for the building and maintenance of all CAN buildings and has worked with CAN Nepal for two and a half years. He has been instrumental in ensuring that all post-earthquake reconstruction work has been carried out in accordance with the 'Build Back Better' philosophy adopted by CAN. His progress reports have been a regular feature on CAN's website.

Suman has worked for CAN Nepal since August 2015 and has proved to be an invaluable member of the re-construction team bringing his own special skills to the process. 

As many of you know WYG have been generous supporters of CAN and have played an integral part through their provision of professional advice throughout the reconstruction period. As a result of their in-country visits Keshab and Suman have impressed the WYG team with their skills and wish to encourage and enhance them with further training in their UK offices during their stay this month.  


The fund raising evening, TREKKER'S TALES held in school on Thursday, 1st February was a great success and raised £650.00 for CAN. 

With many thanks to everyone who was involved - from ticket sellers to cake bakers to stall holders to story tellers this is a superb result - thank you.

Doug will be returning in the middle of November, Thursday 15th with Paul 'Tut' Braithwaite to lecture on The Hard Road to Everest - for more details click here.


In early January 2017 the CAN office was contacted by Trevor Braham's sons who wished to offer their father's extensive book collection to the charity so they could be sold for CAN's benefit. They knew their father would no longer be able to enjoy the library he had collected over a lifetime of climbing as, at the age of 96, he was being cared for in a nursing home near where he had lived in Switzerland. 

Trevor was a great mountaineer, author and Vice-President of the Himalayan Club (1958 - 1965) and Honorary Editor of the Himalayan Journal (1957 - 1959). His book 'When The Alps Cast Their Spell' won the Boardman Tasker Price in 2004. Trevor was also a long-time supporter of CAN.

Doug asked his old friend Tony Astill if he would be interested in managing the collection on CAN's behalf but first .......... how to get the collection back to the UK from Switzerland? Following an urgent appeal on the Alpine Club forum AC member, Roger Murray en route home from a skiing holiday, kindly volunteered to have his car laden with the books and, with barely room for his own kit, brought them all back to London. 

Tony has now had time to collect and catalogue them all. If you are interested in the list please email astill.tony@gmail.com.

CAN is very grateful to Trevor and to his sons, Michael and Anthony for their generosity - we now just have to help Tony sell the collection who has also been very supportive in the process!


Sanjeev Singh who has been involved in developing the Big Lottery Projects has sent the video which can be viewed here and which brings the project development work in North Gorkha up to date. 


With the help of the Big Lottery Funding CAN is trying to achieve:

- building increased local health capacity in North Gorkha by supporting the training and progression of five local health post helpers by increasing health skills and awareness, thereby strengthening local health resilience. [Project 1]

- modelling new and well managed cottage gardens at five North Gorkha health posts to improve horticultural skills and knowledge of local people and the replication of cottage gardens in the wider community, resulting in improved nutrition, food security and livelihoods.

- working with the community at Melamchigaun and Ghunsa to build demonstration homes in line with 'Building Back Better' principles and equipping local people with the skills to rebuild more seismically resistant replacement homes and community infrastructure.

- facilitating community enterprise training and development in Ghunsa, Melamchigaun and North Gorkha by supporting new and sustainable income generation opportunities to improve local livelihoods.

CAN Nepal staff who are involved in the projects are to be congratulated. They include the Programme Manager, Sanjeev as well as our Health Supervisor, the specialist horticulturists, CAN's Engineer and Overseers and all the local health post helpers and agriculturists who are working so hard to make these projects a great success. 


The annual UIAA Mountain Protection Award has made a tangible difference to mountain lives, communities and the environment and celebrates innovation and a desire to make a difference. 

The award was created five years ago and the 2017 Award has been the biggest in terms of variety and scope of nominees with over twenty-two projects from 15 countries as part of the international showcase. The post-earthquake recovery programme embarked upon by CAN was entered alongside a waste management scheme in Patagonia, clean climbing on Denali and brown bear conservation in Bulgaria to name but a few so it was a very wide and diffuse set of entrants indeed. 

CAN was judged to be the Best Runner Up in recognition of all the work it does helping to improve the lives of the mountain people of Nepal through the "development of 'grass roots' health posts, schools, community development and income generation projects".  

To read more about the UIAA and CAN's application click here.

For additional information click here.







WYG were thrilled that their work with CAN was recognised by the Association for Project Management (APM) who awarded the WYG team with the Social Project of the Year Award. 

 Andrew Fotherby, Divisional Director, Major Programmes from WYG receiving the award on 20th November in Old Billingsgate

Andrew Fotherby, Divisional Director, Major Programmes from WYG receiving the award on 20th November in Old Billingsgate

The award was an acknowledgement that WYG's Building Back Better work with CAN following the 2015 earthquakes, in the rebuilding of essential infrastructure in Nepal, has enhanced the replacement health care and education facilities.

The relevant web page on WYG's site can be accessed by clicking this link where you will be able to read more about this successful management award. 

Everyone at CAN, both here and in Nepal, are thrilled that the invaluable support provided by the WYG team to the rebuilding process has been recognised in this way. Three cheers for WYG!

'THE OGRE - Biography of a mountain and the dramatic story of the first ascent'

Following the successful launch of the book at the KENDAL MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL signed copies of The Ogre are available from the office. Doug much prefers to send them to you direct so that he can ensure any request for a dedication is included. He looks forward to hearing from you and to stress you can't buy signed copies from Amazon!

The book is already into reprint but Doug still holds copies of the first edition.

In the first instance please either email your contact details to dougscott25@hotmail.com or ring the office on 01768 484842.  Don't forget to include the details of your dedication.

The book costs £20.00 (including postage and packing) and payment can be made either by cheque payable to Doug Scott and sent to Stewart Hill Cottage, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton CA7 8HX or via direct transfer to account:

Mr D K Scott. Cumberland Building Society,

Sort code: 16-52-21 Account Number: 54237419/01

Please clearly mark the transfer with your name and the word Ogre.



Doug was interviewed a few days ago by his publishers and this has been published on Vertebrate's website and can be read here.

Nicholas Hellen, Social Affairs Editor for The Sunday Times, published an extremely interesting article 'The Untold rescue of top climbers from icy jaws of the Ogre' in the last edition, dated November 12, 2017. 

Nicholas describes the ascent of The Ogre as 'one of the greatest mountaineering survival tales never told. Forty years after Sir Chris Bonington and Doug Scott, CBE, the British climbers, crawled to safety in an eight-day Himalayan epic, the full story of their ordeal has emerged in diaries and tape recordings from beyond the grave'. 

To read Nicholas's article click here although you may have to subscribe to The Times on a temporary basis to read the article in full. 


A selection of Doug's wonderful images have been used to create greeting cards which are on sale, not only at lectures, but also from the office. 

The images are, from left to right: Everest and Lhoste from Makalu; Nuptse North Buttress above Khumbu icefall; Into the Western Cwm, Everest, Rongbuk Monastery and Everest Beyond and Trekking near Makalu.

Cards are either Season's Greetings or Namaste and each pack contains 10 cards, two of each image and cost £5.00. If ordering from the office please let us know how many packs you would like and add on postage and packing in the sum of £3.50 for up to four packs. 

Orders can be placed by email: dougscott25@hotmail.com or writing to CAN at Stewart Hill Cottage, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton, CA7 8HX and payment can be made either by cheque [sent to the address above] or via BACS to CAN's account at the Cumberland Building Society: 

Sort code: 16 52 21            Account number: 54157518

If paying by BACS please quote your name and cards by way of reference and please don't forget to let us have details of the delivery address.


Doug is delighted to bring to your attention his recently updated progress report, Two Years After which will be distributed to everyone on CAN's mailing list in the next week or so. 

The report highlights all CAN's projects and brings everything up to date following Doug's visit earlier in the year. The document also provides an overview of future planning and a detailed financial breakdown for all that remains to be undertaken. 

Please click on this link to open a copy

BBC "SONGS OF PRAISE" - watch Doug, Purna and Murari - episode Croagh Patrick shown on Sunday, 3 September

Doug was delighted to welcome the BBC to Stewart Hill in the middle of August to film his piece to camera about the work of CAN. The film crew had been out in Nepal the previous week and met the CAN Nepal team in Kathmandu which included filming Murari and Purna. 

The following link takes you to the episode, Croagh Patrick - a programme about pilgrimage - but if you only want to watch the section showing CAN please forward 24:55 minutes into the programme.