You are now able to support CAN by wearing the CAN logo with pride with either a marathon shirt, t-shirt or sweat shirt. What are you waiting for!

For more information and to place an order contact the CAN office - Telephone number: 01768 484842


MARATHON SHIRT - available in sizes, small, medium, large and extra large

MARATHON SHIRT - available in sizes, small, medium, large and extra large

T-SHIRT - available in sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. Cost £8.00 + £3.50 p&p

T-SHIRT - available in sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. Cost £8.00 + £3.50 p&p

SWEAT SHIRT:-available in sizes, small, medium, large and extra large Cost £12.00 + £3.50 p&p

Kekoo Naoroji Book Award

The Himalayan Club  is holding its Annual Seminar on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February and will be presenting Doug with the Kekoo Naoroji Book Award for his autobiography Up and About - The Hard Road to Everest

Doug opening the Wetheral Art Exhibition in 2016

Doug opening the Wetheral Art Exhibition in 2016

The Kekoo Naoroji Award was set up by The Himalayan Club, in association with the Naoroji family and Godrej industries, in memory of Kekoo Naoroji [1915-2003] and is an annual award for the best book on the Himalaya. 

Mr Naoroji went to school in Karachi and took his degree at University College London where he studied Economics. On his return to India he worked for ICI but also developed a love of trekking and exploring the mountains. 

Doug is honoured that Volume I of his autobiography has been acknowledged worthy of an award and that his love of the Himalaya recognised in this way. He looks forward to meeting everyone and to explaining in a speech after the award ceremony "Why I am reluctant to write an Autobiography" - a reluctance which has led to this wonderful success.  


In April 2015, Row and Tom Smith were trekking through Nepal on the adventure of a lifetime when suddenly the earth began to move. Trapped in the mountains, desperately trying to avoid violent avalanches and gaping crevasses, their holiday quickly turned into a battle for survival. Along their journey, Row and Tom befriended local villagers and other trekkers from around the world. The devastation and destruction of the earthquake ruined many of these people’s lives, but it also brought many people together. Row’s incredible story and that of many of the people they met along the way will leave you breathless. All proceeds from the book will be donated to CAN  who will help Nepal rebuild.

The book is available worldwide on, and kindle.




CAN supporter Andy Parkin's studio destroyed

Everyone at CAN was shocked to learn on Monday, 12 December of the catastrophic fire to Andy Parkin's studio in the old grain mill on the Moulin des Artistes near Chamonix during the night of the 9/10 December.

The inferno completely destroyed the work rooms and the exhibition space which was shared by fellow artists, Anati Graetz and Peter Steltzner. The good news is that no one suffered any injury.

Please follow the link below (in french and English) for further information:

As many of you will know Andy is one of Britain's finest alpinists, an active environmentalist and a very talented artist. He is one of CAN's Trustees and a long standing supporter of the charity. Andy has spent long periods in Nepal working with the children at the Sindhu School for the Deaf at Bahrabise.

Through Andy's lively encouragement the children blossomed through their artistic endeavours developing into fine artists. Many of the paintings which the children produced were sold in the UK and Chamonix with the funds raised providing, not only pocket money, but also a degree of normality to the lives of these very disadvantaged children. Some of the children's images are pictured here.

As you will see from the link individual fund raising has already begun in Chamonix. All of us here at CAN including our Patron, Sir Chris Bonington, fully support this initiative and encourage all those in the climbing and art world that know Andy to help him and his friends back onto their feet.

Let's give sooner rather than later and help this band of artistic brothers who have done so much for the environment and for others, at home and abroad, to be fully operational as soon as possible.

The Kekoo Naoroji Book Award 2016


Doug was thrilled to receive news that the Jury have selected his autobiography, Up and About: The Hard Road to Everest as the winning entry for the Kekoo Naoroji Award for Mountain Literature and gratefully received the congratulations from the Naoroji and Godrej families and the Himalayan Club.

Doug will be traveling with Trish to collect his award in Mumbai on 18th February 2017.

Day the mountains shook video by Mike Wooldridge

A year on the Nepal Earthquake has been largely been forgotten in public consciousness and superseded by other news and world events. Former BBC world affairs correspondent, Mike Wooldridge, Ruth Wooldridge and Nepali cinematographer Narendra Mainali have recently made a 10 minute video, 'The Day the Mountains Shook', for Community Action Nepal, providing an update on the current situation in Nepal.

English subtitles are available (button in bottom right-hand corner).

The video makes compelling viewing, examining the progress that Community Action Nepal has made with the reconstruction and regeneration in a number of the communities in which it works. These are located in the remote Middle Hills and mountainous villages along the border with Tibet. They were the communities in Nepal that were worst affected by the earthquake.

A Reference & progress report, April 2016

This is a reference to those projects CAN has achieved over the last twenty years, what effect the earthquake had on those projects and the programme to rebuild drawn up during the visit by Trustees, Staff and Supporters in December 2015.

This document should be useful to anyone joining CAN, volunteers going out to the schools and health posts, to those fund raising who need to inform potential donors of CAN’s work and future expectations and those donors who are naturally curious to know what became of their donations.

Download the PDF File here (2.5mb)

The Earth Moved: Surviving the 2015 Nepal Earthquake by Row Smith


Row Smith has launched a crowd funding campaign for her memoire: ‘The Earth Moved: Surviving the 2015 Nepal Earthquake’.

All proceeds from this campaign will be donated to CAN – if she make the £15,000 target (she is 21% there as at today – 2 March). The deadline to meet this target is 31 May 2016.

Any contribution to Row’s memoir will get your name printed in the book! Donate £10 and you will receive an e-book.  Donate £15 and you will receive a paperback copy in the post. Donate £20 and you will receive a copy in hardback…

Read about her project here.