Fund Raising


Following the earthquakes in 2015 and the launch of the appeal can was overwhelmed by support .......

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake the plight of the Nepalese, many of whom had lost their homes leaving them without shelter of any kind, captured the hearts of many and 306 new fund raising pages were opened.  

As a result of that support the amount raised in the year to 31 December 2015 - including the gift aid which could be reclaimed - was £504,449.32.

CAN was very grateful to the efficiency of the JustGiving organisation and the manner in which the Gift Aid was reclaimed. However, as every penny donated to Community Action Nepal counted we were pleased to offer an alternative fund raisers account with the BT MyDonate platform. Unlike JustGiving, who levy a 5% fee on each donation, no additional charges were levied and it really did mean that every penny counted. However, from 30 June 2019, BT MyDonate are closing this arm of their charitable giving - click on the above link to read BT’s explanation.

CAN is now registered with Virgin Money Giving and we commend anyone wishing to donate or raise funds to visit our page on their site.

We have always tried to support fund raisers by writing something on the site about the event as well as creating a link to the  individual's Just Giving account and if permission is given to make the link through to Facebook as well.

So, watch this space for new names ........................

DAVID WILSON raised a lot of money following the sale of some wonderful artwork painted during his 2015 trek to Langtang - sadly, a time which coincided with the catatrophic earthquakes which took place in April and May of that year. Flash forward four years and David finds himself in a very different place and still wanting to raise funds for CAN.

He is writing a blog which can be followed by clicking this link but David is selling his ‘virtual artwork’ on behalf of CAN which you can read all about on David’s JustGiving fundraising page. Relatively recently David has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma - diagnosed in the most dramatic way when his spine snapped two months ago - and, lying prone on his bed, determined to be positive about his situation and use the time wisely. Please help David with his fund raising and help him reach his target of £1,100.00.

PALOMI KOTECHA made the decision to trek up to Everest Base Camp (EBC) relatively recently. Palomi has said that ‘A few years ago I worked with a guy who was training to do six marathons in six days in the Sahara desert. When I questioned his sanity he said 'when was the last time you did anything to push yourself?' The answer was never.’ Out of that conversation came Palomi’s trip to EBC and a wish to help CAN and the charity CRISIS. Palomi set up his page with BT MyDonate - follow the link to the page.

HEATHER PARDON heard Doug lecture in British Columbia when he was there in October 2018 and was amazed by everything that CAN has achieved since the earthquakes in 2015 as well as all the on going project work planned for North Gorkha. Heather was so amazed and enthused that she decided almost there and then to sign up for the Original Everest Marathon which, as you will read if you click the link is an incredible adventure - perhaps you also want to sign up?!!

Heather writes that “she is an author who lives on a small island on Canada’s west coast. An avid cyclist, rather neophyte trail runner but enthusiastic adventure-seeker, Heather signed up for the Original Everest Marathon (OEM) in 2019 as the answer to her bucket list dream to see Everest and visit base camp. Being able to run a marathon and support a worthwhile charity at the same time only adds more meaning to what will surely be a ‘peak’ life experience. You can follow Heather’s journey on her blog

Heather Pardon looking forward to fund raising for CAN

Heather Pardon looking forward to fund raising for CAN

Please click the link to read more and support Heather’s BT MyDonate’s page.

SCOTT HALL got in touch with the CAN office at the end of November to let us know he will be trekking to Everest Base Camp in March 2019 and has set himself the target of raising £3,000.00. The link to Scott’s BT MyDonate page, where you can read more about his challenge, including how to donate please click here.

UPDATE on the TEAM YALA PEAK who not only successfully climbed Yala Peak but also raised well in excess of their target and reached the staggering figure of £4,706.25, including gift aid, way in excess of the stated aim of £1,000.00.

Everyone at CAN thanks Bob and Mairi for this wonderful achievement and met up with Denise Prior at Doug’s lecture at the RGS on November 21st so were able to see the other side of the fund raising through the sale of Nepalese goods.

IMAGES of their successful climb:

Bob and Mairi - summiteers!

Bob and Mairi - summiteers!

The successful 2018 Team Yala

The successful 2018 Team Yala

Successful ascent.

Successful ascent.

TEAM YALA PEAK who have taken on the challenge of climbing Yala Peak [5,732m/18,806 ft] in October 2018.

Team members Robert Harris, Mairi Harris, Rowenna Harris, Scott Lamont and Bethan Lamont will be climbing to the summit of Yala Peak later this year and have chosen to support CAN. They have set themselves a fund raising target of £1,000 and have already raised 41% of the total. If you would like to read more about their challenge and help them reach their target you can reach the Team Yala JustGiving fundraising page by clicking here.


GEMMA BRUNTON, who opened her MyDonate fundraising page on 18th March has raised well in excess of her target, £1,500 following her challenge (see below) and CAN is delighted to report that Gemma has raised £802.07 plus Gift Aid of £171.25.

Gemma at the top of the final pass, Kongma La with Ama Dablam in the background.

Gemma at the top of the final pass, Kongma La with Ama Dablam in the background.

Details of Gemma's challenge: This has been to climb 3 peaks (Gokyo Ri, Kala Pattar, Chukkung Ri) and 3 passes (Renjo La, Cho La, Kongma La) around Everest in a 3 week time frame starting on April 21st. Gemma has written to say that her love affair with the Himalaya began over 20 years ago when, at the age of 18, she trekked to Everest Base Camp. Life intervened and Gemma wants to share any funds raised with the cancer support charity, The Haven who provided a tailored package of emotional, physical and practical aid during her breast cancer treatment. Gemma will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 22nd April and the link here takes you through to her MyDonate charity page. 

UPDATE on 5th March 2018: MARK WORTHING  - 28 AUGUST to 2 SEPTEMBER - ICELAND's FIRE + ICE ULTRA - CAN is delighted to announce that Mark and his supporters raised 348% of their target bringing in a total of £3,380.65 which, together with Gift Aid of a further £783.75 is a staggering total of £4,264.40.  Thank you for such a fantastic outcome.

Mark  entered Iceland's 250km Fire + Ice Ultra which took place from 28 August to 2 September - and which Mark describes as "six days and 250km of self supported purgatory". Mark's target was to raise £1,000.00 for CAN but his JustGiving page which is now closed raised £3,380.65. 

PAUL GOOZEE - 18th November to 2nd December 2017

Challenge: Kili to Congo Cycle Ride

Paul has successfully completed his challenge and writes:

"Ride East Africa was a once-in-a-lifetime, guided and fully supported 800 kilometre charity cycle challenge along Africa's iconic red dirt roads from the plains surrounding Mt. Kilimanjaro to the volcanoes that separate Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC]. It was an opportunity to see and truly experience some of Africa's most magnificent landscapes and meet some of its wonderful people. 

I joined the challenge at the half way point on the Tanzania/Rwanda border and cycled through Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills! Over six days of cycling we covered more than 200 miles and climbed over 19,000 feet, experiencing some amazing views. We visited and stayed at a school for orphaned children and saw first hand the typical local economy and self-subsistence farming that is widespread among the poor. We also visited the National Genocide Museum in the capital, Kigali as well as a large tea plantation, a solar electric farm and the Rwandan National Cycle Team HQ whose development was  made famous by the film, 'Rising from Ashes'. We were lucky in Rwanda to have one of the team's stars, Rafiki, as our main guide'. 

Paul celebrating a welcome pint after the longest climb of the week

Paul celebrating a welcome pint after the longest climb of the week

A small selection of Paul's images above show:

1. Restoring the Rhythm of Life: Sign board outside a Rwandan orphanage which perhaps should be a mantra for all charitable organisations.

2. Riding the dusty road: The ups and downs of the trail!

3. The support team: Some excellent mechanics.

Paul hopes to have raised a magnificent £1,700.00 once all donations have been received - a truly extraordinary amount - thank you.


KEITH URRY - Sunday 21st January 2018

Wildest Peaks Trail - 25k


Due to appalling weather conditions in January the organisers postponed the event by a month and an intrepid Keith was one of only 120 who turned out [as opposed to the expected 180] in the middle of February.

Keith ran the full length of the trail [25k] and raised a staggering £600.00 plus Gift Aid for CAN.  Keith's JustGiving page is still open, so, if you want to support him and CAN, there's still time to do so. 

Keith in Nepal trying a load on for size!

Keith in Nepal trying a load on for size!

Keith writes that on January 21st next year he will be dragging his 58 year old body + two duff knees around the eastern peak district grit stone edges. The route takes in Burbage, Higgar Tor before turning south to Millstone and Lawrencefield, on down to Padley Gorge then steeply up to Cross Froggatt, Curbar and Baslow Edges. 

He has also written he is doing this to raise much needed funds for CAN and if you can help please visit his JustGiving page by clicking here.

Keith on the Coniston Trail marathon - getting in practice!

Keith on the Coniston Trail marathon - getting in practice!

EBC 17 - 30 women trek to Everest Base Camp

A group of hardy women chose to raise funds for CAN by trekking up to 17,600 ft to Evereset Base Camp and having set off on 29th September achieved their goal on 16th October. 

The group are raising funds in support of the building of Hostels for the Elderly at Kyanjin Gompa where many of the older members of the community who were displaced by the earthquake are still living in caves or makeshift accommodation. For a full account of the situation at Kyanjin Gompa please see Doug's Two Years After report

The image below shows a successful team celebrating with an image including the poppy of remembrance - perhaps by way of acknowledging the important contribution the more elderly make to their communities. 

The groups fundraising page on MyDonate will be taking donations until 16 April 2018 so if you would like to help please click the link here.

Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished!


ANDREW ELLIMAN - Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th JULY

Andrew has reported back that "the race itself was a tough one and I started at 09:15 and finished at 04:00 hours the following morning. Sadly I had to pull out when I reached 50 miles as my legs simply wouldn't carry me the full distance of 62.5 miles". 

As far as CAN is concerned Andrew's achievement is astounding as is the financial contribution he continues to make to CAN and he can be justly proud in raising a further £560.00 on the day.

The link to Andrew's Facebook page can be accessed here

Andrew and friends - not exactly dressed for climbing!

Andrew and friends - not exactly dressed for climbing!

Andrew has supported CAN for some years now and back in 2015 he and a party of friends chose to fund raise through holding the Highest Dinner Party in the World on Everest. Tragically, just before this took place, the first of the earthquakes struck putting paid to any further climbing. Getting off the mountain in one piece was interesting but has not dimmed Andrew's sense of adventure. Consequently, he has signed up to take part in the Ultra marathon Race to the Stones a 63 mile race [100 kilometres] in 24 hours running the length of the Ridgeway. To read more about Andrew's challenge which he has chosen to do through BT's MyDonate click here. 

Andrew with Nepali children

Andrew with Nepali children

Andrew at the start of another marathon for CAN!

Andrew at the start of another marathon for CAN!



the total raised by heather is £800 - 400% more than her target!

Everyone at CAN is thrilled for her especially as her time in the race, on a very hot day in Edinburgh, was only 6 minutes outside her target time. 

With many thanks to Heather and all her supporters who helped raise this fantastic sum. 

Heather is running the Edinburgh Marathon at the end of this month to raise funds for CAN in order to give something back to Nepal after meeting many of the people whose lives had been devastated when she visited in 2016. Heather has already exceeded her target by 196% but is very excited at the prospect of raising even more so please click on the link to her JustGiving page and give generously. 



It sounds as if the weather on Saturday was pretty grim in Wales but this doesn't seem to have detracted from a record attendance and an astonishing total of around £7,500 to £8,000 which is not far short of Moel Siabod's overall target this year of £10,000. Fraser alone raised £837.56 - way in excess of the target he set himself of £500.00.

Thank you to you to everyone who has supported this wonderful event. 

Fraser has opened a fund raising page with JustGiving as he is planning a "Fun Fund Raising Day" at Moel Siabod Cafe. Full details can be found on the cafe's website, and is part of their ongoing "Reach Out for Nepal" project.  Fraser tells us that the day will consist of walking, running, cycling, mountain biking, wild swimming with additional activities at the cafe. An update will also be provided of progress being made at Melamchi School in the evening at 7 pm. Fraser has put together an update and his very informative document can be found here

Please go to Fraser's JustGiving page and help him reach his target of £500.00. 

TAMSIN WARR has opened a JustGiving page with a target of £1,125.00 for CAN in support of her trek to Everest Base Camp. To read more and to help Tamsin please click here to go to JustGiving. 

KATE McGREGOR & GERAINT MICHAEL have set themselves the challenge of cycling around the Annapurna Circuit and, in the process, raise £1,000 for CAN. They have already raised over £200.00 so to help them raise their target go to their JustGiving page and click here


Mark has entered Iceland's 250km Fire + Ice Ultra which will take place from 28 August to 2 September - which Mark describes as "six days and 250km of self supported purgatory". Mark's target was to raise £1,000.00 for CAN but his fund total on March 27 was £1,070.00 - with 5 months to go. If you would like Mark to exceed his target even further you can go to his JustGiving page here

NICOLE GARDNER is trekking to Everest Base Camp, EBC17 and has set herself a target of raising £700.00. Nicole has just opened her page so help her achieve her dream of raising £700.00 for CAN. 

The link through to Nicole's JustGiving page can be accessed here


Susie will be running the Paris marathon, or to give the event its formal title, Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, on the 9th April and will be wearing one of CAN's special technical t-shirts. So will anyone who is going to be in Paris on that day and who wants to support CAN go along and cheer Susie across the finishing line. 

Susie's JustGiving page can be accessed by clicking the link.

Posted on 10 April: Susie successfully ran the Paris marathon yesterday [we don't yet know her times]and she has achieved 104% of her target. Well done and thank you.  

Susie sent us this wonderful picture standing in front of "you know where" - brilliant proof of a successful fund raiser. Thank you.

Susie Raven in Paris, April 2017

Susie Raven in Paris, April 2017


Iain Dredge - 2nd june

As a result of hearing Paul "Tut" Braithwaite speak on Thursday 16th February in Huddersfield on behalf of the local Mountain Rescue Team and CAN Iain decided he wanted to support CAN and has opened a page on the JustGiving website. The link to Iain's page can be found here: JustGiving

Iain has set himself the crazy challenge of undertaking The Crossing [a three day 198 mile crossing of England from Whitehaven to Scarborough on a mountain bike called The Rat Race], a Man versus Lake which is a run along a 26.2 mile trail from Silverdale across Morecambe Bay up to Windermere and, finally, the Man versus Mountain 20 mile trail running from Caernarfon to Llanberis taking in the summit of Snowden en route.

Please see image of Iain on his 2016 challenge below - watch out for him this year on 2 June - wearing one of CAN's special T-shirts - as he sets off from Whitehaven at the start of The Rat Race.


Jill dobbie - 1st april- NEWSFLASH! Jill has raised £2,043.05 - 272% of her target.

Everyone at CAN wants to send a huge thank you to Jill and her friends who have raised so much money. Jill's 68 supporters have, between them, helped Jill raise well in excess of her original target.

The images below show Jill's party in the grounds of Crichton Campus, Dumfries. On the day Jill have 19 friends supporting her and encouraged her as she completed 108 sun salutations in 4 hours. 

Jill Dobbie and her friend Patti Lean. Patti kept Jill company throughout all 108 sun salutations

Jill Dobbie and her friend Patti Lean. Patti kept Jill company throughout all 108 sun salutations


Jill wanted to raise funds for CAN and titled her JustGiving page "A Month of Yoga Practice for Langtang" and she practiced sun salutations every day in April finishing off by practicing 108 in one day. Jill says this is a "tapas" or fiery self-discipline in yoga as each sun salutation consists of 24 postures that flow into each other.

Through the website CAN wants to thank all those friends who supported Jill throughout. 

Jill and friends April 2017

Jill and friends April 2017


Jill's page remains open and you can still support her - click the link to Jill's fund raising page at JustGiving.


Jill in the Langtang Valley in November 2016

Jill in the Langtang Valley in November 2016