ULLERI Library Project

CAN is currently assisting The Curious Camels Library Project in its  work to  construct an internet-connected library in the village of Ulleri, Nepal funded by both private and corporate donations.

ULLERI LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION Click the on the images to view them full size

James Daumen the founder of the project explains more:

“Ulleri is a small village located in the Annapurna foothills in Nepal, at an elevation of 1,950 meters. It can only be reached on foot and is about a day’s journey from Pokhara, the nearest major city. The village has around 110 stone houses grouped together on a steep hill surrounded by terraced fields and is well known amongst trekkers for the 3,200 stone steps that lead up to it from the valley below.

Despite a steady stream of tourists passing through the village, it remains very poor, with parents often not able to provide even the most basic items for children’s education, including books, pens and school bags.”

The aim of the project is to construct a small library in Ulleri with a range of children’s books and educational games. There will also be books for adults, primarily aimed at providing information on important issues such as healthcare, agriculture, tourism and foreign languages.

The second element of the project is the provision of internet access to the village. The library will therefore be equipped with several internet-connected computers for free use by the villagers (tourists will be charged).

The library will also periodically provide children with school supplies such as pens, notebooks and school bags.

The total estimated cost of construction, land acquisition and equipment for the library is US$25,000-30,000. Running costs for the library are expected to be around US$8,000 per annum.

The project will be implemented in cooperation with Community Action Nepal,  who will help oversee the building works  and with Curious Goat Treks & Expeditions (www.curiousgoat.com).

To make a donation, please email James on james.dauman@gmail.com.

Visit the project Facebook page for up to date news

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