Sherpani boiling water on a smoke free Himalayan Stove

CAN is very pleased that 150 sets of clean cook stoves were delivered to the Kutumsang Health Post in May 2012.

The stoves will be sold to the local villagers for only 500 Rupees each and the money raised will fund the running costs of the health post. In this way the villagers will benefit twice. Firstly from breathing cleaner air in their homes and secondly from a well funded health post!

It is dedicated to preserving the Himalayan environment and improving the health of the people living in the trans-Himalayan region. The project provides clean cook stoves to individuals and families living in the Himalaya who now cook with traditional, rudimentary cook stoves or over open fire pits inside their homes, consuming excessive amounts of precious fuel and polluting the indoor air to dangerously unhealthy levels. The goal is to deliver 10,000 clean cook stoves within five years. Visit Himalayan Stove Project for more information.

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