GOKYO LAKES – Porter Rescue Shelter

CAN are currently working hard to raise funds to build a porter shelter at Gokyo, an area well known to trekkers and climbers in the Everest area.

Trekkers at Gokyo Lakes, in the Everest region of Nepal

The project fundraising is progressing well to meet the £52,000 cost of building the shelter. A special thanks to Porters’ Progress UK (£7,500 donation), IPPG (£1,000 donation) and a private third party donor (£7,500 donation) who have recently contributed vital funds to the project.

The Gokyo Lakes area ranges in altitude from 4,500 – 5,500 m. At these altitudes the body may struggle to adjust to the lack of oxygen. Altitude sickness and exposure to extreme weather can affect anyone, including Nepali porters. In response to this CAN and the IPPG are building a porter shelter at Gokyo. These have shown their value at Machhermo, where previous to the Machhermo shelter on average 10 to 12 porter boys and girls died each year.

In these remote regions all the building work must be done by hand and materials must be carried in over testing terrain. The estimated cost for the shelter is £52,000. The shelters provide affordable food, drink and accommodation for less than £1 per person/night. The money raised by this fee helps to maintain the shelter. Volunteer western doctors based at the shelters give free medical support to porters and help to raise funds by treating trekkers and giving talks about altitude sickness, for which a small fee is charged. This helps make the shelters sustainable.


LATEST NEWS August 2013

Progress on the building of Gokyo Lakes Porter Rescue Shelter continues at a great pace.

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Gobinda Sharma, CAN’s technical officer, is overseeing the project and has recently sent the above photos showing that the building is now weather tight and that the interior rooms are currently being fitted out by local carpenters. If you compare these photos to those of the construction site in March covered in snow (see below) the hard work of the builders and all those supporting the project can be clearly seen.

Seeing such progress  is always an exciting time for the project partners, IPPG and CAN, and the many generous funders including Porters Progress UK.

If the weather stays kind to our builders we hope to have the Porter Shelter completed for this upcoming autumn trekking season.


LATEST NEWS February /March 2013

Timber now on site for Gokyo Lakes porter rescue shelter Feb 2013

The timber for the project has now been delivered to the site. This has been difficult and tiring work for the porters who have been carrying heavy loads of construction timber from lower in the Khumbu region.

Breaking stone for use in building Gokyo Lakes Porter Rescue Shelter

Breaking stone for use in building Gokyo Lakes Porter Rescue Shelter

Gobindha Sharma, CAN’s Building Project Overseer, has sent us the photos in the gallery below (March 2013), which illustrate the harshness of the Gokyo region as place to build.

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If you’d like to support this important work please send donations to the CAN office, marking them for the Gokyo Porter Shelter Appeal.

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