GHYAMRANG – School, Health Post, Income generation

CAN’s varied work in the Ghyamrang area is now well established across education, health and income generation.


We have recently re-roofed and extended the school and built a large sanitation block.  CAN funds the salaries of two teachers, provides school materials and has, in the past, run a nursery in the village.


In 2011 we reached a successful milestone at Ghyamrang Health Post. The HP is now well established and it is able to operate with reduced CAN support, replaced by extra help from the Government. This will release scarce CAN resources for other rural areas with no health provision.

CAN built the Health Post, funded the salaries for two nurses and a helper, provided all medicines and equipment/instruments. In 2006 CAN ran a Health Camp seeing approximately 1200 patients in three days. CAN continues to fund staff training and a school based health education programme.


CAN has financed the construction of six looms and Allo [nettle cloth] production training. This has also been supplemented by the community Mother’s Group who have researched additional training opportunities and possible markets for the cloth. CAN also supports the development of the Mothers’ Group. Other areas of support provided by CAN include a kitchen garden programme, fruit cultivation, group formalisation and mobilisation programme, a water mill, blacksmith, bee keeping support, ‘lead farmer’ training.

Weavers with their looms at CAN’s Ghyamrang nettle fabric weaving workshop





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