BAHRABISE – School for Deaf Children

Bahrabise Regional School for Deaf Children was started in the year 2000 and has been continuously supported and improved since.

People with disabilities face challenges in Nepal. Unfortunately there is sometimes a social stigma attached to disability and the state provision for care and support is limited. CAN built the large, two-storey school. The hostel was built and extended thanks to grants from many individuals including donations in memory of Debbie Crichton, funds raised by Gerry Galligan and the Glen Walk Group, The Catternach Trust, The ERSF Trust, David Spear and many friends and regular supporters of CAN.

In  summer 2010 the new, additional accommodation hostel opened to pupils. The number of bed spaces has been increased by raising the ceiling height and installing bunk beds, rather than single beds. The gallery photos (April and May 2010) show the various stages in the construction of the entrance to the hostel.

Bahrabise is  a Regional School for Deaf Children. CAN funds one full time and two part-time teachers, stationery, teaching materials, sports equipment and has provided additional quilts for dormitories. CAN has also provided the school with four new computers and a colour printer enabling the children to access the internet. Vocational training includes fruit, vegetable and rice production. CAN purchased additional adjoining land for cultivation by staff and pupils. They now produce bananas, coffee, pineapples, mushrooms, potatoes and many other vegetables. There is now sufficient basic food for the school and a surplus which is sold locally to provide additional income for school funds.

CAN nurses visit to give first aid training, health materials and medicines. The Social Welfare Council has recently commented that the children now regard the school as home.


New School Uniforms
Thanks are due to UK Scouts and their Leaders Graham and Julie Earnshaw, who have funded new school uniforms for all the pupils at the school. This was an unexpected gift to the school. The Scout Group had been working on other CAN projects in Nepal during Oct/Nov 2012 and had a small surplus of funds left. After discussion with CAN staff it was decided to purchase new uniforms for Bahrabise pupils. This is a great morale booster for all the pupils and they do look really smart now! Click the gallery below to see the new uniforms.

New boundary fence built at the school

A new chain link fence has been built around the school during the summer of 2012. The school is situated near to a  river therefore a secure fence is essential for the children’s safety.

This fencing was kindly funded by St James’s Place (SJP) Foundation, via Alastair Buchan from the company. Alastair was part of a large expedition SJP made to the Everest area in 2012. During the expedition  Roger Owen of SJP climbed to the summit of Everest with Mountain Guide Kenton Cool. Roger now blames Doug for this, as he saw Doug lecture about Everest when he was a school child and decided one day he’d have to climb it himself!

The expedition has raised funds for the Foundation which will be used across various projects to help disadvantaged children around the world, including Nepal. To find out more about the St. James’s Place Foundation and the work they do click here to visit their website.

Art Project – ‘Bahrabise’s Got Talent!’ Art Exhibition in Chamonix Summer 2010

Andy Parkin, one of the UKs foremost modern climbers, is also an accomplished artist. He has very kindly run an art project for CAN at the school which has led to the discovery of some fabulous artistic talent, an art exhibition in Kathmandu and a Summer 2010 art exhibition of the work at the Tourist Centre in the alpine town of Chamonix, where Andy lives. Projects such as these are not only great fun but also this build great confidence in the pupils. Click through the gallery below to the fabulous paintings.

 Completion of the school hostel in 2014

Please click on the gallery images to view photos of recent building and decoration work at Bahrabise School

During 2014 the final work to complete the school hostel at Bahrabise was completed. This involved fitting out the electrics and plumbing,  joinery and plastering works and final decoration of the rooms.

CAN and the pupils and staff at the school are delighted that this final phase of the construction work is now complete. The rooms will be  used for accommodation and will enable the girls and boys to have separate facilities.

CAN would like to thank the St. James’s Place Foundation who funded the final work at the hostel. Their help is much appreciated. In 2012 they also funded the new fenceline installed at the school. To find out more about the St. James’s Place Foundation and the work they do click here to visit their website.

We would also like to thank all those who helped in the initial major construction work at the school including donations in memory of Debbie Crichton, funds raised by Gerry Galligan and the Glen Walk Group, The Catternach Trust, The ERSF Trust, David Spear and many friends and regular supporters of CAN.





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