The Day the Mountains Shook – CAN video

A year on the Nepal Earthquake has been largely been forgotten in public consciousness and superseded by other newsand world events. Former BBC world affairs correspondent, Mike Wooldridge, Ruth Wooldridge and Nepali cinematographer Narendra Mainali, have recently made a 10 minute video The Day the Mountains Shook for Community Action Nepal, providing an update on the current situation in Nepal.

The video makes compelling viewing, examining the progress that Community Action Nepal has made with the reconstruction and regeneration in a number of the communities in which it works. These are located in the remote Middle Hills and mountainous villages along the border with Tibet. They were the communities in Nepal that were worst affected by the earthquake.

Watch The Day the Mountains Shook video below. To view it with sub-titles, open the video and then click on an icon along the foot of the screen:


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