Nepal Earthquake News Update 3rd May

News from Murari Gautam – CAN’s Project Manager in Nepal

Murari, as well as getting CAN’s response fully up and running, has been searching for a relative for the past two days, still missing in a collapsed six story apartment.

Murari confirmed that all CAN’s nurses have remained with their village communities and are dispensing health care from outdoor makeshift Health Posts, where the CAN buildings are unsafe to use.

There have now been 700 aftershocks – 200 bigger than 4.0 on the Richter scale. So people are still not able to safely return to their homes and there is no rebuilding taking place in Kathmandu.

Melamchigaun – relief supplies now reaching the village
Murari has now spoken on the phone with Purna Gautam in Melamchigaum. It is confirmed that all 130 homes, the school, school hostel and Health Post have collapsed.

Purna is overjoyed that the first relief supplies of tents, food and medical supplies are now arriving. Purna’s wife, who was pulled from the ruins of their home by their son, has unfortunately suffered head injuries .The CAN nurse has treated her along with other injured villagers.

Bhai Tamang has done a great job organising the CAN supply column to Melamchi, led by Pasang. Pasang is returning with a list of further requirements – to be sent up tomorrow.

It is really good news to hear that UK volunteers Corin Hardcastle and Lois O’leary have now made it safely back to Kathmandu after walking back from Melamchi. Their journey was fraught with difficulties of landslides and paths destroyed by the quake.

North Gorkha – rebuilding has begun
Murari is currently trying to organise a helicopter to take food, shelter and medical supplies to North Gorkha, a particularly remote part of Nepal

Anil Bandhari, CAN’s Buildings Overseer, is continuing work to rebuild Health Posts in North Gorkha where it is safe to do so. Building stone and timber from the collapsed Health Post at Lho is being recycled.

Langtang – update on this badly hit region
The latest news is that approx. 300 villagers are dead, with 100 missing and unaccounted for. Severely injured villagers from elsewhere in Langtang valley are now being cared for in a Tibetan monastery in Kathmandu.

Report from Maggie Burgess of Promise Nepal – a moment of humour!
Maggie Burgess from medical charity Promise Nepal ( one of CAN’s partners) was stranded in North Gorkha for eight days, with Doug’s Everest Sirdar Pertemba, staying with CAN’s nurses when the quake hit. Maggie has finally made it back to Kathmandu – read her account of her evacuation – it is not without humour!

“We are finally back in KTM. We were evacuated in a Russian helicopter, absolute chaos as we were told no baggage only us! Anyway 28 of us Nepalis and foreigners scrambled on board…. All crushed together sitting on the floor. A huge lightning bolt flashed across the sky, the thunder roared or was it another landslide??? The wind howled, the Lama on board appeared to be praying into his mobile phone!!

A moment of humour… I could not resist an amused smile when I noticed the huge ‘FASTEN SEAT BELT’ sign!! I prayed all the way back to KTM. Please thank everyone for their concern…. I have really found all the love and prayers very comforting.

Please keep praying for Nepal and the Nepali people the situation remains dire.”

Medical team arriving in Lukla area
CAN’s partners IPPG, who provide the Doctors at the Porter Rescue Posts at Gokyo and Machermo have now re-deployed their doctors to the villages south of Lukla where there is great need. The IPPG staff will work with Australian professional climber Andrew Locke of the Australian Himalayan Foundation. Andrew is an old climbing friend of Doug’s, a paramedic and ex policeman…and has climbed all 14 8000ers.

Thanks to Nick Mason from IPPG (UK), who is coordinating this link up, for this info.

Relief Equipment en route from Cumbria to Nepal
The climbing community in North Cumbria, including John Porter, Steve Razzetti, Doug Scott, Sir Chris Bonington (CAN’s Patron) and Steve Reid have donated and collected sleeping bags, tents, tarpaulins and other gear.

Steve Reid, who owns Neddlesport climbing shop in Keswick, is organising the collection and transport to York. Tomorrow it will be flown in a troop plane to Kathmandu with a company of Gurkhas.

Want to learn more about earthquakes, plate tectonics and the Himalaya?
CAN supporter and Oxford Geologist Prof. Mike Searle has written a fascinating book on this subject. Written for the general public to enjoy and understand – it’s a great read.

‘Colliding Continents – A Geological Exploration of the Himalaya, Karakoram and Tibet’ published in 2013

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