Lecture CANCELLED: Isle of Mull 19th July 2014 ‘The Three Peaks: Everest, K2 and Kangchenjunga’


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DATE: Saturday 19th July 2014 TIME: 7.30pm   Lecture cancelled to allow full recovery from recent operation on Doug’s ankle broken on the Ogre in 1977. It is hoped to reschedule next year.

VENUE: Mull Theatre, Comar, Druimfin, Tobermory, Isle of Mull PA75 6QB

 LECTURE TITLE: “The Three Peaks: Everest, K2 and Kangchenjunga”

In a stunningly illustrated talk, Doug tells of his adventures, triumphs and tragedies on the world’s three highest mountains.

Everest: at sunset on the 24 September 1975, Doug Scott and Dougal Haston reached the summit of Everest, having made the first ascent of its very difficult South West Face – they were also the first Britons to climb the mountain. On their descent, they survived without oxygen or sleeping bags, the highest bivouac ever and at 28,700 feet just one hundred metres down from the summit.

Kangchenjunga: this is the world’s third highest summit, but a much more technically demanding and dangerous mountain than Everest.  In May 1979, after two and a half months of climbing through one storm after another Doug Scott with Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker reached a point just 10 feet below the summit – in deference to the local people they left the summit untouched it being regarded as the dwelling place of their Gods.

K2:  “Third time lucky” doesn’t always hold true. In 1978 Doug was high on the world’s second highest mountain, roped to his great friend Nick Escourt, when they were avalanched. The rope broke and Nick was swept to his death leaving Doug to tell the tale. He would return to this dangerous mountain in 1983, when with Andy Parkin, Roger Baxter-Jones and Jean Afanassieff they pioneered a new route up the South Pillar of K2 but would be denied the summit. Despite three further attempts Doug never climbed K2, but feels that “two out of three ain’t bad”.

FUNDRAISING FOR: Community Action Nepal and the Roses Charitable Trust. Our thanks to Jane Sayer of the Roses Charitable Trust  for organising this lecture.

FURTHER INFO FROM: Community Action Nepal 01768 484842 or  from venue website www.comar.co.uk

TICKETS:  £15.00   (£10.00 under 18s)

Box Office Tel: 01688 302 211  or visit   www.comar.co.uk

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