Forestry project begins at Lihi Gaun

Forests on the steep slopes close to Lihi

Forests on the steep slopes close to Lihi Guan

The local community and CAN have begun a new afforestation  project in the remote Lihi Gaun area, where CAN already operates a Heath Post and School.

The demand for timber for building and fuel has led to the removal of much of the natural forest cover in many areas of Nepal, sometimes in an unsustainable way. Steep, exposed hill sides are then more prone to landslides and soil loss. At Lihi Gaun local villagers and CAN, with the financial support of the Rothchild Foundation, are managing local forest in a sustainable manor by replanting native trees. Many thanks to CAN supporter (and forestry enthusiast)  Julian Freeman- Attwood for his help in making  the funding application.

The photo gallery below shows this project in action.

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