STANLEY TOOLS donating tools for CAN’s carpenters

Stanley tools for CAN projects in Nepal

Stanley  are continuing to donate a wide range of carpentry tools to Community Action Nepal for use in Nepal.

This month (Feb 2011) we’ve just received a consignment of hand planes, saws and hammers kindly donated by the Stanley Team in Mexico. Doug Scott said “These are just what is needed  – the planes are priceless to CAN’s work building Schools, Health Posts and Porter Rescue Shelters. A workman is only as good as his tools the saying goes – so we are delighted that Stanley are providing our carpenters and builders with a range of quality wood chisels, saws, Stanley Knives, G – clamps, tapes and much more”.

A spokesperson  from Stanley UK said “It’s great to think that Stanley tools will be used in building schools, health centres and the other fantastic projects that CAN helps to provide in Nepal – Make Something Great.”

The Stanley Tools Company was formed in 1920 when two cousins – Frederick and Henry Stanley – merged their hardware and rule companies in New Britain, Connecticut USA.

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